Dangerous anger spreads around the world.

But it has not begun now, and it will not end.

■警告観音菩薩/Keikoku Kannon Bosatsu

 〔The Warning Statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva〕




It's always there, just invisible.

And it does not particularly contribute to world peace.

■ minted 無/ minted Mu


  nothing; naught; zero; nil; nix;


▶︎Also, "Mu-" is a negative prefix.

  It corresponds to "in-", "un-", "im-", "il-", "ir-", "ig-", "-less" etc. in  English.

 Such as Mu-nou 無能〔incapable〕, Mu-mei 無名〔unknown〕, Mu-shikaku 無資格〔unqualified〕, Mu-imi 無意味〔meaningless〕, Mu-shi 無視〔ignore〕, Mu-chi 無知〔ignorance〕, Mu-kishitsu 無機質〔inorganic〕, or Mu-gen 無限〔infinite〕...

▶︎In addition to "Mu-無," negative prefixes such as "Hi-非" and "Fu-不" are often used.


■ minted 夢/ minted YUME〔dream〕


"YUME"〔夢〕means..... DREAM 

■日本、大丈夫か?/Is Japan safe and sound?





Don't worry. 

Even without nukes, the warning statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva protect us!

■ DNA and DNA




Don't ask too many questions. Don't answer a lot.

You don't need to know 100%.

■ Lingo Cosmos 004



The language was born out of "Cosmic Chaos."

■珠玉の一膳/A Pair of Chopsticks

A Pearl of a Dish

It is the image of picking up a valuable dish with chopsticks.

■月と川/The Moon & The River

Image of the moon and river


 ▶︎Scattering Alphabets


 ▶︎The Raging Alphabets


 ▶︎The Sinking Alphabets

■Japanese High School Girl  01



One of Japan's subcultures, "KAWAII, MOE....(Cute)"

■Japanese High School Girl  02



One of Japan's subcultures, "KAWAII, MOE....(Cute)"


▶︎Even if the world turns to ashes, I still love you



Adapted from the novel "GENGO JURYOKU(Lingo Gravity)."


 ▶︎Singularity 1



Adapted from the novel "GENGO JURYOKU(Lingo Gravity)."

■TOKYO 2020




 An event that we know from the beginning will result in the absolute death of people.(and that number are not 10 or 20! )

In that respect, it could say that this historical event could be even more of a spectacle than the Coliseum during the Roman Empire.

In any case, if my family or friends were to suffer as a result of not avoiding a risk that could have been avoided, I would never forgive any organization or person involved in the event.


▶︎ULTRAMAN-MASK(Ultraman wears a surgical mask)




Even Heroes are taking proper precautions against COVID19.

That's right, and they are risking their lives more than ever.

Anyway, thanks, Ultraman !!


▶︎BATMAN wears a surgical mask


そしてバットマン、お前もか !?



Et Tu,(And you too), Batman !?

Well, you're doing the right thing.

Anyway, thank you for the peace and order, Batman !!


▶︎Kamen Rider wears a surgical mask




ともあれ、またまた、ありがとう! 仮面ライダー!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You need a surgical mask?

Well, it's safer.

Anyway, thanks again! Kamen Rider!


▶︎Gekkoh Kamen wears a surgical mask


「疾風(はやて)のように現れて、疾風のように去って行く! 月光仮面は誰でしょう?」の歌でお馴染みの月光仮面様。そう、私が生まれる前から活躍されていた往年のヒーロー!



"Appears like a gale and leaves like a gale! Who is the Gekkoh Kamen(Moonlight Mask)?" who is well-known for the song.

The hero of yesteryear who was active before I was born!

He has been in this style for more than 60 years, so he was probably the first hero to wear a mask.


▶︎Alien in a surgical mask





"I'm afraid you're much scarier than the coronavirus, and you're the one wearing the mask!"

But it doesn't cover all of his mouths, though.

Whoops! Be careful not to be too rude, or you'll get eaten.


▶︎BEM, the yokai(monster)family wearing surgical masks



A family of yokai who wants to become human as soon as possible will wear masks like humans and remember to implement "social distance."


▶︎Godzilla wearing surgical mask



Hey, Godzilla.  How do you do that?


▶︎Superman wears a surgical mask




The hero of all heroes, the world's most widely known superhero, "Superman"

Fly(tondekei..!)!! for the sake of world peace!(Please chant it like "dondakei..!")


Heroes also practice social distancing!

■ masked META MASK

I know who you are !


▶︎An alien in drunkards alley【Alien Series】 

■Mr. Mao/ミスター・毛沢東

 >Clipping from the comic book "Marx & Company."

■Mr. Lenin/ミスター・レーニン

>Clipping from the comic book "Marx & Company."

■サカナヘン/Sakana(=Fish) Hen

Kanji is consists of different components, and the main part is called a "radical(=hen)."

■文豪たち/Great Writers

Japanese great writers played an active part in the 19th~20th centuries.


〜An angel floating on a fridge.

 >From the illustrations of the novel "The One Gigabyte Will."

■ミック・ジャガーのニューアルバム〔BLESS U〕

〜Jacket of Mick Jagger's new album.

 >From the illustrations of the novel "The One Gigabyte Will."



There is no such album. It is a fictional album in the novel "The One Gigabyte Will: paranoia blues/episode 01"


〜Sex with an angel under the "GUERNICA"

>From the illustrations of the novel "The One Gigabyte Will."